Peel’N Save®
Sports & Sporting Event Promotions

A client asked us to design a Peel’N Save® promotion boosting the sales they get from sponsoring teams, sports leagues, and school athletics.  We custom designed the “Tag-Ticket” to meet their need.

Better than just advertising, the Couponed Tag-Tickets give fans a “sales motivation” card to take home and use. 

Peel’N Save® Tag-Tickets help team and stadium managers
raise extra cash through selling the promotional billboard
space on their tickets.

Our Tag-Ticket printing is extremely flexible, making it easy for team and park managers to raise money from multiple sponsors by dividing both ticket faces and coupon spaces according to their contributions

  • In a single print run we can print Tag-Tickets with a mix of different face plates. 
  • In the same print run, we can vary the Tag-Ticket mix of Peel’N Save® offers. 
  • All Tag-Tickets for a game, or season, don’t have to be the same

Our printing flexibility means that it’s easy for team and park managers to raise money from multiple sponsors with large and small budgets, alike.

The Bottom Line:  Peel’N Save® Couponed Tag-Tickets are ideal for businesses, sports teams, and park managers, looking for a promotion that turns sports sponsorships into sales and profits.

Peel’N Save® Sports Cards & Couponed Tickets
Turn Sports Fans Into Sales Fans!

How about Baseball selling Pizza?  That’s what we figured out how to do with our standard Peel’N Save® card. 

Every time the Oklahoma Redhawks hit 9 runs, Pizza Hut rewards Redhawk fans at the game with 9 Free Pizzas.  It’s fun!  It’s an event!  And, it drives sales for the whole season.


The 9 Runs Rewards Card

Call us to talk over how we can design and print a Peel’N Save® sports promotion that works for you.