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Peel’N Save® Increasing Sales

Customer Loyalty:  Do you have a specific plan for building customer loyalty?  It’s a fact that “It takes a lot less money to keep your current customers than to find new ones”. 

Here are a few ideas:


  1. Create a 12-coupon Peel-N Save® card that is valid for 6 months.  The customer can use two coupons for each month -- Two for January, two for February, etc.

  2. Create a 12-coupon Peel-N Save® card with 12 monthly “Special” offers, only 1 valid each month.  Let Customers show the card for a 10% discount for the rest of the 12 months on returning visits, or for home deliveries.

  3. Loyalty Cards: Issue a card with 4 coupons. The customer can use 1 coupon per week for a month. 

  4. Increase Traffic and Sales during slow periods.  Make offers on the cards valid only on certain days or certain times of the day.

  5. Introduce and entice customers to try new products.  Promote sales where you have your greatest profit margins.

  6. Blitz your database of loyal customers, mailing them Peel’N Save promotions. Surprise them on their Birthdays, on Holidays, or when they move into the neighborhood.

  • Peel’N Save® cards travel well; whether handed out at the counter or at special events, mailed to customers’ homes, or sold by fundraising organizations. 
  • Consumers like the cards, seeing them as money in their pockets.  Peel’N Save® mini coupon cards have a track record growing sales, profits, and customer loyalty.
  • Call us to talk over how we can design and print a Peel’N Save® sales promotion that works for you.


Peel’N Save® Sales Promotions Work for You.