Peel’N Save® Pre-Paid
Service Cards



Increasing Sales & Profits

The advantage Pre-Paid Service Cards is that they provide businesses cash ahead of sales. 

Once sold, Pre-Paid Card buyers become a business’ most loyal customer.

This is how it works.  As a shopper completes a purchase, you ask them buy a “Pre-Paid Savings Card“. The card is good for discounts on future purchases. Instantly, you get cash up front.  Your customers get savings on future services.

Peel’N Save’s Pre-Paid Card Advantages 

  • Prepaid Peel’N Save® Pre-Paid Cards provide businesses cash ahead of sales. 
  • Peel’N Save® Pre-Paid Card sales tend to be more frequent and larger.  That is, Pre-Paid Service Cards stimulate sales. 
  • Adding to profits, frequently, card holder will buy more than just the discounted services!

Lost card slippage in many cases pays for much, or all, of a Pre-Paid Service card’s discounts.  If some of the Pre-Paid Cards get lost before they are used, that’s Profit.

Peel’N Save® Pre-Paid Card programs cost you little to set up and operate.  Unlike electronic cards, Peel’N Save® promotions don’t need expensive software and service company support.

Need a rechargeable card?  We can outfit your Peel’N Save® cards with rechargeable magnetic strips.


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