Peel’N Save®
Membership Promotions

Here is an idea.  Sell Peel’N Save® “Club” cards with offers on future sales, and turn Membership into a Profit Center.


Peel’N Save Cards Establish & Maintain Customer Loyalty
Membership That Matters

Peel’N Save®
Turning Membership into a Profit Center

How does it work?  As a shopper completes a purchase, ask them to join your Peel’N Save “VIP Club” providing coupons good for $50 to $100 in savings on future purchases. 

As a bonus include a gift coupon for $10 good on future visits.  The price for membership is $10. 

  • Every Club Member now has a vested interest in returning to your store.
  • Every Membership sold increases cash flow by $10!
  • Do the calculations: When you sell 500 memberships your cash in hand is $5,000. Sell 1,000 memberships and cash flow increases $10,000.
  • Sales are generated, again, and again, as your club members return to use your Peel’N Save offers.


Call us to talk about our printing Peel’N Save® membership promotions for you.  We offer turn key design, printing, support services. 


A Membership Profit Center Promotions Case Study:

Targeting the growth of dinner sales, TA Restaurants printed 50,000 Peel’N Save Restaurant Value cards.

To help sell the cards, TA’s table servers were awarded $1.00 for every card sold. 

The Result?  A Roaring Success!

  • The 50,000 Pre-Paid Services Cards sold out in less than two weeks.  A selling period of 6 months was expected.
  • In just two weeks, the Peel’N Save promotion earned TA $200,000, $4 from each card sold.
  • Increased Sales and Profits followed for months.
Peel’N Save® Profit Center Membership promotions can work for you.