Peel’N Save®
Lottery & Phone Cards

Lottery Cards and Peel’N Save Coupons
Are a Perfect Match

If you’re a Lottery, or a Retailer, looking to promote trial and grow your customer base, talk to us about designing a Peel’N Save® promotion for you.


Peel’N Save® Promotions Are Ideal For Promoting Trial & New Game Sales




In the Lottery “Fun Card” promotion, non-stick coupons are removed first revealing, an entry form beneath to be used as a mail-in contest entry or sweepstakes form.


Peel’N Save® Phone Card & Phone Survey Promotions



On Pack Couponed Phone Cards

Free phone time, often worth $5 or $10, stimulates high purchase rates.  Peel’N Save’s offers then go to work promoting 4 or 5 follow up sales.

Peel’N Save® Phone Cards, The Survey Tool

Today, many companies are discovering that Phone Cards have a significant utility in reaching customers to survey their opinions, and to sign them up for services.

Peel’N Save’s offers increase the productive use of Phone Cards for surveys by prolong the time Phone Cards stay in the hands of consumers.  The increased exposure fosters increased rates of participation.

Peel’N Save® offers extend thelife of Phone Card promotions and surveys for weeks, and months, as the “on card” offers are redeemed.


Call us to talk over how we can design a Peel’N Save® Phone Card promotion that works for you.

The Kolins Group offers turn key design, printing, and promotion support services.  We can work with your phone card group, or set up a phone survey operation for you.