Peel’N Save®
Couponed Key Tags

Couponed Key Tags Deliver Sales

Are looking to reach consumers when they shop or drive?  Peel’N Save® Key Tags deliver the impressions and sales you want. 

Key Tag Cards

How many hours do your customers spend driving?  Peel’N Save® Couponed Key Tags place promotions in customers’ view as they drive, day after day, every day.

Peel’N Save® Key Tags are Available in 1, 2 or 4 coupon formats.

Call us to talk over how we can design and print a Peel’N Save® Key Tag promotion that works for you.

Key Tag Membership Card Combos

Membership cards are shipped carrying a guaranteed matching label and account number

To sign up a customer, remove the bar code strip from the card and place it on your tracking sheet.  Enter the information into your computer.

When a customer signs up for membership, simply peel off the removable label and apply it to the completed tracking form.

Double Key Tag Membership Card Combos

Couponed Membership Cards can be a vital tool in growing Store Label Credit Card program start ups and new card use.  Give us a call.  We’ll explain how.