Peel’N Save®
Hotel Key & Gaming Promotions

Hotel Key Card Profit Centers

U.S. Patent No. 5,865,470

Couponed Key Cards Turn Hotel Door Keys Into Promotion Profit Centers

Peel’N Save® Couponed Door Key promotions offer hotels new ways to increase hotel profitability, cash flow, restaurant traffic, and customer returns.

Couponed Door Keys are ideal for encouraging guests to increase their use of in-house hotel services.  Increasing, in turn, the dollars guests spend per hotel stay.

Peel’N Save® Key Cards can also double as a new hotel profit center, by selling Key Coupon space to outside hotel advertisers; such as, non-hotel restaurants and car rentals.

Call us to talk over how we can design and print a Peel’N Save® Hotel Key Card promotion that works for you.

The Kolins Group offers turn key design, printing, and promotion support services.

Casino Gaming Cards

Casino Gaming Cards can be personalized and mailed out to customers offering special slot promotions, free Phone Time, and other premiums, once the card has been activated.

Couponed Casino Cards come with magnetic strips, barcodes, and coupons.  They work great as Door Key or Slot-Machine Promotion cards.