Peel’N Save®

Peel’N Save® Fundraisers are a smart investment

In just a few years, Peel’N Save® Fundraisers have raised over $20 Million for charities, schools, and good causes - Driving sales for Fundraiser sponsors well over $200 Million!

Typically. Peel’N Save® Fundraisers are sold for $10, Increasing sales for their sponsors in the range of $100 to $200

How Do Peel’N Save® Fundraiser Promotions Work?

Did you ever buy a raffle ticket to help a school or church fund drive?  Did you ever buy cookies from the Girl Scouts?  Peel’N Save® Fundraisers convert these organizations into your free sales forces. 

School Teams, Churches, Charities are looking to raise money by selling Peel’N Save® “Value” cards.  To support them all you need to do is to print Peel’N Save® Fundraiser cards and make them available to the Fundraiser Groups, to sell in your market. 

Peel’N Save® Fundraisers help the needy while growing your business. The self funding promotions attract new customers, increase sales and profits, and grow market share.

Call us to talk about Peel’N Save® Fundraising. 

Fundraisers come in 8, 10, 12, or 20 coupon formats


Call for details.  Let us design a Peel’N Save promotion for you.  We offer turn key design and printing services.



Peel’N Save® Fundraising Promotions Work for You.