Peel’N Save® Couponed
Debit Cards/Stored Value Cards

Adding Peel’N Save® coupons to Debit cards gives you the power to direct customers to buy high profit items you want to sell -- the items that boost your sales and profit the most. 

Couponed Stored Value Debit Card
Peel-Off Promotions On Back

Today, many companies are discovering that Peel’N Save® Couponed Debit Cards open a valuable dimension to creating targeted sales strategies 

Here are a few:

  • Add Peel’N Save® Coupons Debit/Gift card to create extra value in the eyes of consumers.
  • Speed the time customers take to spend down their balances by outfitting Debit cards with Peel’N Save® offers.
  • Add Peel’N Save® Coupons targeting the reduction of seasonally over stocked inventory. 
  • Use Peel’N Save® promotions to exploit the sales potential created by the increased number of debit cards in circulation following post holiday customer returns.

A Credit Card Strategy

Consumers typically own 5, or more, credit cards.  Place Peel’N Save® coupons on newly issued credit cards and increase the odds your cards will be used first.



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