The Company
Kolins Group - Peel’N Save®


Dr. Roger Kolins

Dr. Roger Kolins, President and CMO, comes to the Kolins Group with over 25 years experience in promotions, marketing operations, and the physical distribution support of promotions. 

Roger earned his Master and Doctorate of Business Administration from Indiana University, specializing in Marketing and Transportation.

The Company

Since 1996, Peel’N Save® mini coupon promotions have helped restaurant, retail, consumer, automotive services, and package goods clients grow customer loyalty, sales, and profits. Each Peel’N Save® promotion succeeds by rewarding customers for their continuing patronage.

Every Peel’N Save® promotion is custom designed and printed to meet a client’s promotion, retailing, or fundraising needs.  We offer turn key operations support for all Peel’N Save® programs, including: design, printing, fulfillment and shipping. 

We are organized to deliver Smart Card, Phone Card, Debit Card, and Stored Value Card Systems support, integrated with Peel’N Save® promotions.

Our main production centers are located in California, Chicago, and Canada, with affiliated support operations located in Kentucky and New Jersey.  The Kolins Group is affiliated with the MCC Peelers organization.