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Sales Promotions

Since 1996, The Kolins Group’s Peel’N Save® mini coupon promotions have been growing customer loyalty, sales, and profits, by rewarding customers for their continuing patronage. 

Consumers find the mini-coupon cards fun to use.  Peel’N Save promotions are effective, and easy to launch and manage. 

The cards are easy to design and quick to print.

Peel’N Save Fundraising

Peel’N Save Fundraiser campaigns tap into church and school volunteer sales forces increasing company sales, while raising money for good causes.  

Tens of Millions of dollars have been raised by Peel’N Save Fundraisers for schools and charities.  Peel’N Save Fundraiser Sponsors have also benefited.  In the past few years alone, Restaurant and Retail Sponsors have seen their sales grow by over $120 Million.

Peel’N Save Fundraising promotions are a triple “Win”:  Customers gain discounts; Charities raise needed funds; and, Sponsoring businesses gain new customers, sales, and the thanks of their neighbors.

We print cards for small and large fundraising campaigns, alike.   Peel’N Save Fundraising campaigns are particularly effective in reaching new customers, and increasing a business’ market share.

Membership Promotions

How does it work?  As a shopper completes a purchase, ask them to join your Peel’N Save “VIP Club” providing coupons good for $50 to $100 in savings on future purchases.  The price for membership is $10.  As a bonus include a gift coupon for $10 good on future visits. 

  • Every Club Member now has a vested interest in returning to your store to shop.
  • Every VIP Membership increases cash flow by $10!
  • When you sell 500 memberships your cash in hand is $5,000. Sell 1,000 memberships and cash flow increases $10,000.

Peel’N Save Membership promotions are actually a good investment.  First, the promotion is self funding, and even turns a hefty profit with membership sales.  Then, sales and profits follow, again, and again, as your Club Members return to use your Peel’N Save offers.

Sports & Sporting Event Promotions

Peel’N Save Couponed “tag-tickets” boost sports team revenues.  In turn, team sponsors gain sales on the day of the game, and for weeks that follow.

Peel’N Save promotions, handed out at sporting events, are a “Home Run”.  A “Hole In One”.

Gift Cards

Gift Cardsprovide businesses cash ahead of sales.  Using the Peel’N Save format, with its promotional coupons, adds to the advantages of Gift Cards

  • Peel’N Save’s mini-coupons give businesses the power to direct consumers’ buying interest to high ticket, high profit products and services.  That is, Peel’N Save Gift Cards give you the power to increase profit.
  • Peel’N Save Gift Cards sales tend to be more frequent and larger.  That is, Gift Cards stimulate sales. 
  • Consumers using Peel’N Save couponed Gift Cards tend to increase the number of items they buy per store visit, as well as the dollar volume they spend. 

Clearly, Peel’N save Gift Cards provide retailers a sales advantage.

Peel’N Save Postcards

Peel’N Save Couponed Postcards provide the impact of direct mail and the sales power of Bounce Back Coupon Cards. 


  • Peel’N Save promotion cards prolong the useful life of your mailing for months. The Peel’N Save cards hold securely through the mail.  They then separate easily to fit customers’ wallets
  • Peel’N Save Postcard’s large footprint gives you generous space to advertise promotions; coupon offers, contests, sweepstakes, and more! 
  • Punch-out Couponed Key Tags can easily be added to any promotion, as well as “Peel’N Reveal” Game pieces.

Looking For A Counter-Top Promotion? Peel’N Save Postcards fit the bill.  The Postcard format can be designed to work as a Mailer, as a Counter-Top promotion, or as a Gift card.

Couponed Key Tags

How many hours do your customers spend driving?  Peel’N Save Couponed Key Tags place promotions in customers’ view as they drive, day after day, every day.

If you are looking to reach consumers when they shop or drive, Peel’N Save Key Tags deliver the impressions you want.  The coupons convert these impressions into sales.

Peel’N Save Business Cards

Peel’N Save’s mini-coupon offers keep your name and business services first in your customers’ thoughts for weeks and months.

Every time consumers use your Peel’N Save Business Card they’ll appreciate the special discounts and offers you provide.

Pre-Paid Coupon Cards

Pre-Paid Service Cards provide businesses cash ahead of sales.  Once sold, Pre-Paid Card buyers become a business’ most loyal customer.


  • Peel’N Save Pre-Paid Card sales tend to be more frequent and larger.  That is, Pre-Paid Service Cards stimulate sales. 
  • Adding to profits, frequently, card holder will buy more than just the discounted Pre-Paid services!
  • Prepaid Peel’N Save Cards provide improve your cash flow, providing cash ahead of sales. 

Lost card slippage in many cases pays for much, or all, of a Pre-Paid Service card’s discounts.  If some of the Pre-Paid Cards get lost before they are used, that’s Profit.

Plastic Cards & Tags


The buyer behavior of certain target markets requires a promotion mix of both Peel’N Save and Plastic promotions. 

We work with our clients, without bias, to develop a promotion plan that works best for them.

The Kolins Group prints and delivers both Plastic and Peel’N Save promotions.

Smart Cards with Appeal

Peel’N Save Debit Cards give you a new dimension to creating targeted Smart Card sales strategies.

The key to success for the new Smart Card technology is to Kick Start Initial Smart Card Use.  When it is a matter of changing buyers’ behavior, Peel’N Save coupons provide the behavior changing tools needed. 

Peel’N Save promotions enhance the sales value of Smart Cards   By stimulating the first use of Smart Cards, Peel’N Save promotions draw customers’ attention a Smart Card’s advantages, its special promotion, its survey, or its sales campaign.

The Couponed Smart Card combo can be used, by Retailers, Hotels, Casinos, Time-Shares, Golf Courses, Amusement Parks, and more!

Debit Cards/Stored Value Cards

Today, many companies are discovering that Peel’N Save Couponed Debit Cards open a valuable dimension to creating targeted sales strategies 

Here are a few:

  • Add Peel’N Save Coupons Debit/Gift card to create extra value in the eye’s of consumers.
  • Add Peel’N Save Coupons targeting the reduction of seasonally over stocked inventory. 
  • Use Peel’N Save promotions to exploit the sales potential created by the increased number of debit cards in circulation following post holiday customer returns.

A Credit Card Strategy

Consumers typically own 5, or more, credit cards.  Place Peel’N Save coupons on newly issued credit cards and increase the odds they will be used first.  

Lottery & Phone Cards

Today, many companies are discovering that, Phone Cards once used for product promotions, have a greater utility in reaching customers to survey their opinions, and to sign them up for services.

Peel’N Save’s offers increase the productive use of Phone Cards for surveys by prolong the time Phone Cards stay in the hands of consumers.  Peel’N Save’s offers prolong the exposure consumers have to Phone Survey Cards’ requests for participation.  The increased exposure fosters increased Phone Card message impressions, leading to increased conversion.  That is, increased rates of participation.

Peel’N Save offers extend the life of Phone Card promotions and surveys for weeks, and months, as the “on card” offers are redeemed.

Hotel Key & Gaming Cards

Peel’N Save Couponed Door Key promotions offer hotels new ways to increase hotel profitability, cash flow, restaurant traffic, and customer returns.

Couponed Door Keys are ideal for encouraging guests to increase their use of in-house hotel services.  Increasing, in turn, the dollars guests spend per hotel stay.

Peel’N Save Key Cards can also double as a new hotel profit center, by selling Key Coupon space to outside hotel advertisers; such as, non-hotel restaurants and car rentals.