Looking For A Promotion To
Increase Sales And Profits?

Consider Peel'N SaveŽ promotions. Peel'N Save mini-coupon cards have a track record boosting sales and profits.

Each Peel'N SaveŽ pocket promotion is outfitted with 4 to 20 peel off coupons. By rewarding consumers, Peel'N Save promotions build customer loyalty. They motivate shoppers to buy more frequently, and to spend more when they shop.

To learn more, click on Promotions At A Glance or any of the programs listed at the left. Customers like Peel'N SaveŽ cards. They're fun to use.

Do You Need To Build Market Share?

Consider launching a Peel'N SaveŽ Fundraiser. Fundraising Groups are a retailer's sales arm in waiting, ready to reach out and sell your company for you.

With every customer Fundraising Groups reach, you gain sales, market share, and increased store visits. And the sales force works for free!

Call or e-mail us. We are happy to talk over how Peel'N SaveŽ Fundraisers can work for you.

Kolins Group Peel'N SaveŽ

  • Let the Kolins Group design a Peel'N Save promotion that works for you.
  • Peel'N Save promotions are easy to design and quick to print.
  • The Kolins Group provides turn key design, printing, and promotion support. Call or e-mail us to talk over how we can help.

Special Offers

We offer many standard services free of charge. See our Pricing & Special Offers page for details and first order specials. We offer lower printing rates for group orders and co-ops. Call or e-mail us for more information.


Peel'N SaveŽ mini-coupon cards represent a family of products ranging from coupon cards and key tags, to couponed postcards and gift cards. Each Peel'N SaveŽ program is built around a patented mini-coupon card system. Yet every Peel'N Save card is custom designed to meet your individual needs.

Popular Uses

Most retailers use Peel'N SaveŽ promotions to boost sales, and promote repeat sales. A significant number of retailers use Peel'N SaveŽ pre-paid services cards to increase cash flow and create competitive advantage. Peel'N SaveŽ promotions work for small and large operations, alike. Call or e-mail us for details.